Parmesan Rinds

Image I love using parmesan cheese, it goes into so many of our dishes here at Bocca di Bacco! If you use it too, it can be difficult to figure out what to do with the rind. But before you throw it out with that bottle of wine, learn some new tips and tricks to put that rind to good use!

One great way is to throw it into a pot of tomato sauce while it’s simmering. Some of the salty, creamy taste with seep into the sauce, giving it a deeper flavor. Just take out the rind and discard when you think it is just right! Another tasty idea is to make Parmesan-infused olive oil. Place the rind in a jar and pour in olive oil and some garlic if you have some (I always do!) and let sit for at least a day or two. This unique oil can be used in a number of recipes and is delicious for dipping with some hearty Italian bread! Also, it’s great to pop into soups and stews as they simmer, much like with the tomato sauce. Again, toss out the rind once it is flavorful enough. Lastly, if the rind is pure cheese with no waxed coating, it is perfectly okay to eat! With some elbow grease you can grate it further or you can even grill it until soft and put on some crusty bread for a great snack!