Springtime Tablescapes

With the recent spring weather preview we had here in New York got me excited about the season to come! I love hosting parties in the springtime because it’s all about gorgeous surroundings and simplicity, so I like my menu and tablescape to match that simplicity.

Keeping the menu fresh, light, and simple is key for a springtime party. Some favorites are prosciutto and melon, simple grilled jumbo shrimp with tomato sauce, and bruschetta.


As for the table, the season is all about the flowers, so keep those florals as the focus! Stick to either one type in a multitude of colors, or one color scheme incorporated in a variety of flowers. As for the rest of the table, keep it low-maintenance with clean, white dishware and simplistic glassware. Subtlety is key!  I love the rustic feel of wooden tables as a backdrop, and allowing the flowers and food to be the highlight.

Here are a few more  tablescape ideas I loved on Pinterest.



-Chef K