How to celebrate your mom every day

Happy Mother's Day weekend! This Sunday, we are all reminded of how much our mothers have done for us, and we get the chance to let her know how much she is appreciated. I love Mother's Day, but I started to think - why don't we let our moms know every day how much she means to us? It's something so simple, that goes such a long way. In honor of Mother's Day, here is a list of small ways to spend quality time together and let mom know how much you care! 1. Cook a meal together.

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You probably aren't surprised that this is top on my list, but cooking a meal together is a wonderful way to spend time together! Not only do you get quality time together, but you can learn from each other, laugh together, and reminisce - all while thanking her for all the meals she prepared for you as a child!

2. Bring her a special bottle of wine - and enjoy it together. 

Bocca Edit-2546Wine is a special, intimate thing to share, and sharing your favorite bottle with your mom, or introducing her to one she's never tried before, is an experience that will be enriching for both of you.

3. Learn something new together. 

You are never too old to learn something new! Find a subject you are both interested in, and sign up for a class or seminar together. From learning a new language to taking private pilot lessons, I guarantee you will make some amazing memories together!

4. Take her out for spontaneous happy hour. 

Bocca Edit-2963Take the evening off and call Mom and let her know you're on your way to pick her up. Let her know that she is much more important than work or being busy, and that you love spending time together!

5. Just tell her. 

If you don't live near your mother, or even if you do, it's that easy: tell her how much you appreciate her and are grateful for all she has done for you. Don't wait until Mother's Day - tell her every day!