Black Bufala Mozzarella

Did you catch my segment on Fox5NY yesterday? I had such a great time giving a chef's perspective of the New York restaurant scene and talking a little bit about one of Bocca di Bacco's much-loved feature, our Black Bufala Mozzarella!

We import this exclusive cheese into the US just for our Theatre District and Hell's Kitchen locations, and it really is such a unique culinary experience. As a chef, I have to think about so many things when deciding to bring a new ingredient into the mix. Will we sell out every night? What will I pair it with? Will people keep coming back for it? In this case, yes! 

This cheese is infused with volcanic ash and gets its unique color as it ages, and pairs perfectly with our delicious speck and warm crostini - and a glass of wine, of course!

Watch the full segment here, and come by Bocca di Bacco to try out this exclusive plate! If you are still shopping for the holidays, make sure you order your Cellini aprons today to get them in time for Christmas. Nothing better to find underneath the tree!