Happy National Tequila Day!

Happy National Tequila Day! Is there anything more refreshing on summer afternoon in NYC than a frosty margarita? 

I certainly can't think of anything!

Cooking Italian means I enjoy all different kinds of wine, but there's something about a tangy, fresh lime margarita that just hits the spot on those hot days! The fun thing about Margaritas is how versatile they are. Classic lime? Perfect. Add another fruit or citrus? Amazing. Blended? Why not! You can have some fun with the rim, the garnish, the glass it's served in, and on and on! Make a pitcher and pour them at your next party, or blend them to order for your guests. No matter what, I guarantee it will make for a fun night!  

There are so many ways to make a margarita, but I share the perfect margarita recipe in Domestic Chíc and I can't wait for you try it. Pre-order the book now to make sure you get the first look!