Ready for Fall

The New York summer weather doesn't show any signs of letting up, but the first day of Fall is fast approaching and thoughts of crisp mornings, leaves falling in Central Park, and fall foods are starting to seem enticing! 

The end of summer also means the unofficial end of Rosé season, and I for one am excited to get some beautiful reds back in my life. From Merlot to Pinot Noir, there's nothing better than coming home on a cool evening & uncorking a bottle as you unwind and get cozy. Of course, I'm partial to the Italian wines, but a little bit of everything is always nice! 

Are you ready for Fall, or are you still holding on to summer? If you want to try a few of my favorite Fall recipes, make sure to order my new book, Domestic Chíc, so we can cook together! And if you're craving red wine like I am, join me at Bocca di Bacco to try one of our 500+ wines!