Random Acts of Kindness

Did you know that today is National Random Acts of Kindness Day? All over the nation, people are surprising strangers and friends alike with kind actions both large or small. I love the idea of putting a smile on someone's face for no reason except just that!

If you're looking for a way to show kindness to someone today, I'm sharing a few ways to spread joy throughout your day below - and why not keep it going throughout the year? How are you adding some kindness to the world today?

1. Pay it backward: Whether you're in line at the coffee shop drive through or at your favorite restaurant, surprise the stranger behind you by paying for their order! Chances are, they'll be so happy that they'll continue the kindness on by paying for another's order - the gift that keeps on giving!

2. Share the gift of food: I have so much fun cooking for people I love as well as new friends and strangers! Pull out your favorite recipe and spend some time preparing a dish to surprise someone with. You can make your family smile by serving their favorite dinner, bring in fresh baked cookies for your co-workers, or prepare a hot meal to share at your local homeless shelter. Food is a great way to instantly bond people!

3. Dig in to help the environment: Plant a tree, do a neighborhood clean up, help a neighbor weed their vegetable garden, or any other small act to help beautify our earth. 

4. Think small: Even the smallest actions can brighten someone else's day! Give a stranger a compliment, hold the door open behind you, let someone cut in line at the grocery store, smile at everyone you pass, send a "just because" card to an old friend, or simply let your friends and family know you appreciate them. You'll never know what your small act can do for someone's attitude!

5. Be kind to yourself: You can only help others when you are taking care of yourself. Take some time today to do something that fulfills you and helps you recharge! What does that mean for you? Read that book you've been saving for a rainy day or sip a latte with an old friend, and remember to always be kind to yourself!

Are you participating in Random Acts of Kindness Day? What are you doing to spread happiness today? Let me know in the comments!