With the launch of THINLY, I felt it necessary to share with you my personal THINLY story and how the company was born. As a chef and nutritionist I established my career with a farm-to-table culinary philosophy, letting the season guide my palate and centering most dishes around lean proteins, fresh produce and heart healthy olive oil. As 2015 came to an end, let's just say I was enjoying the holiday season a little "too" much. After the new year I felt bloated, tired, sluggish and ready to shed the holiday weight. What ended up happening was the creation of a completely new lifestyle...the THINLY Effect!

After the third day I was already down 5 pounds and felt incredible! I noticed I wasn't bloated anymore and my clothes were fitting better. Finally! I became addicted to feeling and looking better. Everyone wanted to know what I was doing because they were seeing a difference and wanted to try it for themselves.I knew at this point I wanted to be able to share my method with the world! After 40 days, I had lost a total of 25 pounds!! 

THINLY is a collection of all-natural herbal teas specifically formulated to combat against unwanted fat cells, stress, toxins and aging. The day to night slim down program consists of a selection of sunrise, midday and nightfall teas. I love the targeted three step approach because it is designed to slim down, energize, rejuvenate and beautify. What more can you ask for? 

So here's the skinny - There is a total of seven teas, each specifically designed to target certain "problem" areas. I start every day with the Organic Slim Down Elixir. An Oolong and Green Tea blend to kick start your metabolism and set your body in a fat burning state. A fan favorite is our strawberry green tea - Sweet & Flirty because it's great hot and cold! Flirt the day away ;) I love ending my day with the Rejuvenating blend, a thai lemon ginger rooibos relaxes my mind body and soul. Whichever selection you choose you'll see and feel the difference! I'll warn you, the THINLY lifestyle is addicting! 

Learn more about the products here and start your THINLY story. I can't wait to hear it about it! Every loss is a success! 

Check out our THINLY woman, Jessica. Isn't she just amazing? We think so too! Check back with us for fitness tips, healthy recipes and daily motivation to keep you on track and looking and feeling your best.