Must try products!

I love discovering new products and brands. Self-care and loving yourself starts with our positive thoughts and establishing a daily routine that makes us feel our best. When I found out I was pregnant I immediately took inventory of all the products I was using and researched the best products to use for mommies to be.

I came across Noodle & Boo, a luxury skincare line for mothers, babies and children. All products are toxin-free, biodegradable and never tested on animals. I must admit, the packing is what caught my eye in the store, and it's 100% recyclable. The first product I tried was the perfecting creme, because all mothers to be are worried about stretch marks. It's an ultra rich coca butter and avocado oil that leaves your skin delightfully soft and smooth. It's nothing short of perfect!

As my little baby started to grow, so did my baby bump and itchy belly. I used the elasticity oil and within a couple of minutes after massaging it onto my belly my itchiness was eliminated. A dream come true! If you've been there, you know exactly what I mean.

After having two wonderful experiences with these products I was anxious to try more! The lovely body lotion is like pure silk on your skin. Lovely is the perfect word to describe it. It's a nourishing milk protein, almond oil and clover honey formula that is light and silky on the skin. Some lotions leave a greasy remnant on the skin that you quickly want to wash off, but the lovely body lotion is soothing and leaves your skin as soft as silk! This is a must to try!

After reading this, I'm sure you're wondering "where can I buy it?" All products are available online and at these fine retailers. 

"Fall in Love with Taking Care of Yourself!"

Kid's Eat Free: Arte Cafe UWS Celebrates 25 Years!

As an expecting UWS mommy to be, I want to welcome all moms and kids for a very special "Kids Eat Free" promotion my husband and I are launching at Arte Cafe on the UWS - 106 W 73rd St. This offer is available Monday - Thursday, just show the below special offer! 

It's a wonderful way to mingle with other moms and get to know each other more, not to mention great food and a cozy environment is an additional plus! 

When I moved to NY from CA nine years ago, I quickly discovered that it's a big, little city. Arte Cafe is a warm and welcoming neighborhood spot that became my "go-to." Years later, my husband renovated the restaurant for our beautiful wedding day. Arte Cafe is now celebrating 25 years and still remains a neighborhood favorite! It's a special place on the UWS, with two private rooms and families have celebrated the most meaningful special occasions with us.

We all have to eat, so why not dine with us? We're so neighborhood friendly we even have a stroller valet! Come enjoy a great afternoon with us! I look forward to seeing you there. 

"Fall in Love with Taking Care of Yourself"