ice cream

Semifreddo! A Summertime Treat


One of my favorite summertime treats is an Italian favorite. Semifreddo! It is an icy, light treat that can easily be made at home. When you’re craving some gelato or ice cream, it can be a little intimidating to consider making it yourself. I’m happy to tell you that semifreddo is a cinch!

At Bocca Di Bacco, we make our own semifreddo with chocolate shavings and hint of espresso. However, you can make whatever type of semifreddo you like! Citrus, fruity or coffee flavored semifreddos are always super yummy. It just depends on what you blend into the mixture.

Here is a recipe I pulled from one of my personal inspirational chefs, Giada De Laurentiis that I think you all can try at home. This one happens to be a citrus based recipe and is perfect for summer! With just a little patience and  few ingredients, you will be enjoying this frozen treat in no time!