Summer Salads

Image When it’s sunny out, sometimes there’s nothing better than having a crisp, fresh, tasty salad. I’m sure we can all agree that we are all also preparing for our bikini summer bodies too! Whether you’re making them at home, or dining out, some of the best salads don’t have any leaves at all! A huge favorite of mine is our Insalate di Stagione. I take warm, sweet beets and other vegetables like carrots, sprouts, and mushrooms, and cook them ever so slightly to keep them still nice and crisp. The vibrant colors are beautiful too! So now you have this base of gorgeous, fresh, healthy vegetables all packed with flavor just waiting to be dressed up. This is the best part…simple reduced balsamic vinaigrette gets drizzled all over them. It’s thick, sweet, and has that pure, deep balsamic taste that we all love. Next I shred some slices of ricotta salata cheese to top it off. This is a hard ricotta cheese, that is slightly salty and gives the salad that nice bite. To jazz it up even more, I plate it in a Parmesan crust bowl. I know…amazing right?! Altogether it’s just fresh, crisp, warm, sweet, salty, crunchy, and perfect in every bite! Best of all, it is so simple to make. So that’s my summer salad tip for the day! Try making your version at home, or come visit us at Bocca di Bacco! Enjoy!