Prosciutto & Melon!

It's time to start enjoying summer and celebrating the fresh and light tastes of the season! Whether pool-side, having a barbecue, or packing a little picnic for the beach, nothing packs more summer punch than having Melon and Prosciutto. Definitely one of my favorite snacks, this salty-sweet treat is super simple and can be used to impress or to be totally casual. To jazz it up for a fancier presentation you can plate it as we do in the restaurant, having the thin melon pieces in the center, and laying out the proscuitto around, giving it a nice, elegant look. To me it looks like a beautiful flower!! Doesn't it? So pretty!


You can also make melon balls, using a melon ball scoop, and actually wrap the proscuitto around each ball, making it perfect as an appetizer bite.


Whichever way you choose to serve it, the flavors together are so wonderful! A burst of juicy sweet melon, and the salty melt in your mouth proscuitto is perfect just as is! I can also suggest adding another level of flavor by drizzling some reduced balsamic over the top. YUM!

-Chef K