Gorgonzola is definitely one of my favorite cheeses! It is an Italian blue veined cheese that is buttery and crumbly. For those that aren't big fans of blue cheese, you may strain away from Gorgonzola, but don't!! Because of the veins, it just has the slightest hint of an aged flavor, but not overwhelming like a true blue cheese.

I personally LOVE it in my Penne Gorgonzola with Peas! The sauce itself is a cream sauce, blended with a few dabs of Gorgonzola, giving it a nice smoky, salty, deep flavor. Adding the peas really freshens up the dish and gives it that light balance. A little crunch from the walnuts breaks through the overall creaminess of the dish, and gives that nice nutty flavor that pairs so well with the cheese.


But there are TONS of ways to use Gorgonzola! It is wonderful with pears and figs, and of course crumbled on top of a fresh summer salad. You'll see it a lot on salads with fruit like grapes, or apples. It just pairs so lovely with the bursts of sweet from the fruit. I've even seen it spread across a nice crostini and drizzled with a bit of honey! Perfect as a personal snack or as an appetizer!

-Chef K