We are overjoyed at how many people are embracing the THINLY effect! Since we want everyone to be able to try our amazing flavors and feel their best, we're offering a sample sale!

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Five benefits of choosing THINLY loose leaf tea

1. Greater Health Benefits - Loose tea consists of larger leaves so more of its powerful catechin antioxidants and plentiful plant polyphenols are in your cup! Simply put - you get more of the goodies that tea is noted for, health benefits! Tea can help prevent certain cancers, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, aid in weight loss, and boost the immune system. Tea brewed by the bag contains fewer of these properties.

2. Better Aroma & Flavor - Loose tea has more surface area than the "tea dust" (fannings) that go into bags. The larger the leaves, the more natural oils you get to steep out of them, and this of course means great flavor, along with a pleasant scent! Loose leaf will have a nice fresh and clean taste, and depending on the variety may taste sweet, floral, vegetal, malty, or earthy along with many other distinct nuances. Bagged tea will almost always taste bitter, old, stale, fuzzy, and muddy, and will leave you with a funny aroma that doesn't promise much. Bags will add a color to your cup, but not much after that! Clear enough? 

3. Freshness! - A big advantage loose leaf has over bagged tea is the age factor. In order for tea to have a good quality, it must be young and fresh. Did you ever wonder how old those bags are? It is recommended that all tea is enjoyed within the first 6 to 8 months of the flush. THINLY'S formulated blends are straight from the premium high elevation tea farms in Japan. We offer a premium fresh product with maximized health and youth boosting effects. 

4.  Variety - Tea in general is broken into four main types, white, green, oolong, and black. Each main classification yields hundreds of varieties since many cultures around the world cultivate and process them. Our formulated blends are unique to target unwanted fat cells, stress, bloating and toxins. Our three-step approach maximizes results and will leave you feeling and looking your absolute best!   

5. Gifts for everyone! - Give a gift that will enhance someone's life. It is no doubt that everyone welcomes gourmet food as a present! Loose tea will always impress guests when served, or make a friend or family member feel special when received as a gift. Including some sample varieties along with some steeping equipment, like our THINLY glass tea vessel, is a perfect way to introduce someone to a new habit that is actually good for them!

Sip your way to THINLY and share your story!